RE: finding ip address of the connected sql session in database

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Hey Edwin,
You don't say which version of Oracle or what platform, but the two
methods that immediately come to mind are:
1)  Scan through the listener.log file, generally in
2)  Use the SYS_CONTEXT function (see the Oracle docs) in a logon
Method 1 should work for at least v7.x and up, but I forget when logon
triggers were introduced -- 9i maybe?
Of course, I assume you're aware of networking concepts like DHCP that
will affect the information gathered.  I hope you're also aware how easy
it is to fake Oracle into thinking that MS Access is really SQL*Plus or
any other program, at least through the eyes of V$SESSION.


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Subject: finding ip address of the connected sql session in database

Is there a way to find IP address of the connected sql sessions of the
We are not going restrict IP address completely, we want restrict
running by user based on IP address.

ex: Users Accessing oracle from MSAccess should use only citrix not
desktop or any other tools.

Any help would be appreciated.

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