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There are 989 tables which table data I need to replicate in both databases

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hi you can use sqlplus copy command

On 11/2/06, crcbedoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx < crcbedoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

      Hi Jared,

      I have two different instances, in each of them I have the schemas
      SR1 and SR2, both of them are same, with the same objects, tables,
      indexes, etc. I just need to transfer the table data from the SR1's
      tables to the SR2's tables. How can I do so?

      Isabel Bedoya Gómez
      Gestión de Tecnología
      Tel. 2307500 ext: 4077
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      On 11/1/06, crcbedoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <crcbedoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >

                  I would like to know something, I need to export the
                  table data from one instance to another, how can I do so?

      You will need to provide more detail.

      Do you just want to copy to a new database:

      1) just a few tables
      2) a schema
      3) the whole database

      How large is the data to be moved?

      How will data be moved to the target?:

      1) by Gig ethernet
      2) by 100Meg ethernet
      3) by 10Meg ethernet
      4) T1
      5) Fractional T1
      6) DSL
      7) Flash Drive
      6) Dial up

      You could:

      replicate with Data Guard
      replicate with Materialized views
      restore a backup
      duplicate with rman
      restore hot backup, rman or file based

      other choices I haven't thought of.

      Jared Still
      Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

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