Re: dbsnmp and oraInventory - Advice !

  • From: Stephen Evans <evans036@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 07:30:09 -0400

have you considered placing you oracle inventory INSIDE an oracle home?
i dont know if its possible, but we have toyed with the idea so that we 
can more easily distribute pre-installed oracle homes to other machines.

i would presume you would just set ORACLE_BASE to some dir within the home

thoughts anyone?



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09/30/2004 04:24 AM
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        Subject:        dbsnmp and oraInventory - Advice !

Hi all,

The ENV is oracle / Aix5.2L.

we would like to have different oracle inventory 
(in /etc) for different oracle homes.The reason for 
doing this is :  one instance is not affected by
another instance , if there happens to a problem 
with the inventory. Other than maintaining multiple
 inventory , is there a better solution for this ?
(In my case, the number of inventory will not be more than 2)

But, we want to use DBSNMP also. This by default reads
 /etc/oratab to get the list of oracle homes . How do make it
 read my oratab (say /etc/new/oratab) also ? 

All i want is : dbsnmp should discover all my instances !
This is where i'm stuck .

Can someone guide me ? Any suggestions please ?!



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