RE: db file sequential read - again

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You're absolutely right!  Good point.  I come from a very OLTP-centric
view of the world....

Here's a modified version of the query which will account for physical
reads direct:
column owner format a20
column statistic_name format a15
select * from(
  select vss1.owner,
         vss1.value-vss2.value value,
         ds.bytes/1048576 "SEGSIZE (MB)",
    from v$segment_statistics vss1,
         v$segment_statistics vss2,
         dba_segments ds
   where vss1.statistic_name ='physical reads'
     and vss2.statistic_name = 'physical reads direct'
     and ds.segment_type = vss1.object_type
     and ds.segment_name = vss1.object_name
     and ds.owner=vss1.owner
     and ds.segment_type = vss2.object_type
     and ds.segment_name = vss2.object_name
     and ds.owner=vss2.owner
     and ds.buffer_pool = 'DEFAULT'
order by (vss1.value-vss2.value) desc
where rownum <=20

Note that, while I was tinkering, I made a few other changes too:
 - It no longer needs the threshold value, 5,000,000, or whatever.  It
will automatically return the top 20 segments w/ the most non-direct
physical I/O.

 - The order of the output is reversed, worst is on top.

 - Segment size is displayed in MB.

 - Added some reasonable column formatting, for a wide terminal (at
least 132 columns)


Mark J. Bobak
Senior Oracle Architect

"There are 10 types of people in the world:  Those who understand
binary, and those who don't."

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Aren't 'physical reads direct' included in 'physical reads'?  If so, I
think you'd want to subtract out that value since direct reads won't be
affected by any pool definition.  Maybe that's not a big deal for most
folks, but with a DW and consequently lots of parallelism, direct reads
are the most frequent physical read, so non-direct physical reads are
important to spot for us.

> The query I came up with is:
>   select vss.owner,
>          vss.object_name,
>          vss.statistic_name,
>          vss.value,
>          ds.bytes segsize,
>          ds.buffer_pool
>     from v$segment_statistics vss,
>          dba_segments ds
>    where vss.statistic_name ='physical reads'
>      and vss.value > 5000000 ---You may need to play with this
> value for your environment
>      and ds.segment_type = vss.object_type
>      and ds.segment_name = vss.object_name
>      and ds.owner=vss.owner
>      and ds.buffer_pool = 'DEFAULT'
> order by value
> /



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