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Hi Connor,

I've not used transactional (I think this is new in 10gR2 isn't it?). I have
used sync(ON COMMIT) on transactional databases (context indexes are GREAT
for %ABC% queries!!), and I've had no performance issues with it. If we were
doing bulk updates into the table, I'd probably opt to sync after the loads

From looking at the description of transactional, it looks like the ROWID's
are synchronized in memory instead of in the index itself. I guess this
might be faster than the sync on commit. You still have to sync the index
eventually though (and I would wonder about the persistence of the in memory
ROWID's in the event of a database recycle), so I think I'd prefer the on
commit sync instead if there were no performance issues related to it's



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Has anybody ever created their Oracle Text index as transactional?

Such as:

create index myidx on mytable(mycolumn)
indextype is ctxsys.context
parameters ('transactional');



(Untested but) I would not be surprised if you get the same kind
of index degradation that used to be the result of running ctxsrv...




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