RE: best way to convert from unix to linux

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Here is a thread that I started discussing moving from Linux to AIX (little 
endian to big endian).  In your case, you are going the other way.,19

Hat Tip to Josh Collier who posted the following information in that thread 
(specifically the whitepaper):


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I used this white paper to move 8tb from big to little endian.

it worked great. Rman endian conversion on the target took 4 hours. 

However, I suggest doing a lot of testing I found bugs in the following areas:

TTS with compressed tables (bug 10324526) TTS and flashback (bug 12619529) 

The latest PSU is essential to avoid catching more bugs. 

Run DBV and RMAN logical block validation on the database after the conversion 
is also essential. Also using db_block_checking is helpful to find bugs during 

Chris Taylor

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I have a 3TB database that needs to be moved from hp-ux to linux.
I need to know the fastest way to do this.
Tried doing a datapump export (parallel 6) and it took over 36 hours which is 
too long.
Really need to be able to this is in under 24 hours.

Can anything be done with any kind of replication or rman?
Keep in mind there is a page layout issue going from unix to linux.




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