RE: When to run batch in parallel?

  • From: Abhijeet Rajurkar <Abhijeet.Rajurkar@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "charlottejanehammond@xxxxxxxxx" <charlottejanehammond@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 11:05:25 +0530

Hi Charlotte,

We have implemented the batch processing in parallel threads logically 
splitting the data group and it has worked for us. By doing this we could 
reduce the batch time almost 4 times.

Following points need to be addressed while implementing this:

1. Data set must NOT overlap between the parallel jobs/threads.
2. If next batch process is dependent on first then it should not start until 
all parallel jobs gets over.
3. If you are on RAC and sharing some common data in parallel processing then 
please submit the all related threads/jobs on single node otherwise RAC wait 
events will pop in.
4. CPU utilization is the key for deciding on number of parallel threads or 
5. In our case we have turned the table level parallelism off in order to 
process these logical parallel jobs.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards
Abhijeet Rajurkar

Charlotte Hammond wrote:
> We've got a long running batch job.  Tracing shows 95% of the time is I/O 
> waits (mostly scattered reads steming from hash joins) against our SAN.  Our 
> architect wants to split it into several parallel streams but I'm dubious.  
> Surely the SAN won't serve up data any faster just because we're running in 
> parallel.
> Is there any benefit in this strategy?  I would expect parallelism to come 
> into play if there's significant non-I/O time (e.g. busy on CPU) where other 
> sessions could take advantage of the burstiness, or if the database was 
> accessing multiple disks directly, not virtualised over a big SAN cache.   I 
> reckon we just need a faster SAN (and/or some SQL tuning).
> Any comments?
> Many thanks
> Charlotte
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