Re: VLDB ASM & SAN Striping Question

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IMO what you are asking is tied to the functionalities (possibilities) of
storage array ... in EMC Clariion it's possible to create a so called
'Single Bound Disk' raid group (RG) which is essentially a JBOD i.e. a
single-disk RG (no striping or redundancy).
with JBOD you and your SAN admin can then play as you like (almost) ;-)

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> I'm not as much interested in the EVA specifically as I'm interested in
> the process in general (identifying controllers and physical disks) and
> convincing the SAN administrator to take this fine grained approach to
> building LUNS.
> Chris Taylor
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> I haven't poked around the EVA line in a while, but if I remember
> correctly,what you describe is basically impossible in an EVA.  The way an
> EVA works, you make a disk group, and all of the LUNs in that disk group
> are dynamically striped across the disks in that group.
> You could theoretically make a 2-disk group, and one LUN from those, but I
> *think* you have to assign hot spares to individual disk groups, and hence
> you'd burn a lot of storage just on spares in that architecture.
> What you could do is ask them to make sure that when you add a new LUN, it
> comes from a different disk group than the current LUNs.
> Probably your best bet.
> Matt
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