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The 12557 error from tns can be caused by having ORACLE_HOME set in an =
NT registry=20
This is an unpublished Oracle Bug -

 Maybe we should publish all the unpublished bugs we know about ?

I do remember when you got a listing of all Oracle's bugs on the=20
distribution tape - oracle 5 it was.

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Subject: Upgrade to 10 on NT

Yikes I am doing it but the database upgrade assistant yes I know =3D
shouldn't use it!)
gives a TNS ERROR 12577  looks like net10 wasn't installed properly.
And now the upgrade assistant cant see the database I want to upgrade =
- I suppose it got a little way in before failing.

Ideas ?=3D20

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Subject: RE: Metalink search from the Firefox toolbar.

Works well. Thanks Matt!

I'm not sure what's up with the references to the src and gif on =3D
Neither are found. For those with time to kill, just put the following =
gif in your FireFox/searchplugins directory, and your new Metalink =3D
to the list of search engines in the title bar will have a lovely
linked-chain icon hoisted from the Metalink sink. The name of the gif =
src files may need to match. I'm not sure.

Oh. Don't bother reading the cbdba main web site; it was my intent to a
start a business last year that hasn't really happened yet.

- bill c.

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Subject: RE: Metalink search from the Firefox toolbar.

Sweet!  I made some changes for folks on this side of The Pond (inline
below).  Not having done this before, I don't know if it's "correct", =
but it

Thanks for the addon, Matt!


# US Version
# Matt Penny
# 08 Oct 2004
# mattypennylist@xxxxxxxxxxx

<input name=3D3D"p_text" user>

        charset =3D3D "UTF-8"



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Subject: Metalink search from the Firefox toolbar.

I'm new to the list, so apologies if you've already
had a zillion of these posted.

I've written a search plugin for Firefox to allow you
to search Metalink from the toolbar. I know zilch
about html, but it does seem to work.

The relatively cool thing about this is that you can
type your search string into the toolbar, and search
on Metalink, then repeat the search on, say, Google
without having to cut and paste the text you are
searching on. I did say *relatively* cool!

If you're not already logged into Metalink it will
prompt you for username and password.

You have to put the attached files into C:\Program
Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins (or your

In case the attachments get blocked somewhere along
the way, the code is below.

I've got a tweaked version to search through the
Metalink Notes only - mail me direct if you want that.

I've mailed the code up to, but it hasn't
yet been posted.

Please mail me to let me know if you have any
problems, or to let me know if you find it useful.





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