Re: Upgrade session interrupted - nohup catupgrd.sql?

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You got a lot of comments which are good. When running these things remote I 
always use screen so that if my session is disconnected I am able to reconnect 
without it getting killed due to a network interrupt or something happening on 
the client side like Windows trying to automatically restart due to a windows 
update or a system crash. Just my 2 cents :)
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Subject: Upgrade session interrupted - nohup catupgrd.sql?

Hello all,

This seems like an obvious and common one but I haven't managed to
find any relevant Q&As here or on the OTN discussion boards.

While remotely running catupgrd.sql to take an instance from
to my session was killed... When I got back on, I decided the
situation was closest to the situation described under Resource
exhaustion in the 11g Upgrade guide and went for:

- shutdown abort
- startup upgrade
- @catupgrd.sql

This seems to have just completed successfully but I'd be interested
in any responses to the following:

- does this seem like the correct way to resume the upgrade - it isn't
explicitly documented anywhere.
- since its not interactive, I assume its OK to nohup catupgrd - but
people don't often seem to do it. Can anyone confirm that it works and
doesn't get confused for some reason?


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