RE: Turn off Dataguard 9.2

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 11:46:59 +0530


 You can defer it by log_archive_dest_2=defer; or set disable logical
standby location by log_archive_dest_2=''



Satheesh Babu.S


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Thanks for this, Sateesh. I should have said that I'm only using the logical
standby SQL command line interface. I'm not using data guard broker.  So we
do "EXECUTE DBMS_LOGSTDBY.BUILD;" to build the logical standby. Is there a
command to "unbuild"?


From: "Satheesh Babu" <satheeshbabu.s@xxxxxxxxx> 

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1.      db_broker_start=false
2.      log_archive_dest_2_state=defer
3.      dgmgrl > connect / ;
dgmgrl > disable configuration;



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G'day all,


I know how to turn on data guard and also switch between primary and
secondary. Now, how do you go about turning off data guard altogether? What
if I don't want the database to be replicated anywhere? Is it simply a
matter of settting log_archive_dest_2 to null? 







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