RE: Truncating a table while it is being accessed by a query

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After I posted this I did a quick google search and found something that 
appears to answer my question:

Peter Schauss

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This is a follow-up to a question that I posted some time ago.  

The environment was Oracle running on Solaris.

- We had a data warehouse with an ETL process which ran every hour and took 
long enough that it ran constantly.  

- Some of the ETL steps were truncating tables. 

- Reports were failing intermittently with Ora-1410 (invalid rowid).

Through analysis of trace files I was able to demonstrate that the Ora-1410 
errors only occurred when one of the tables being accessed by the report query 
was truncated while the query was running.

Now my question is:  Shouldn't Oracle be preventing the truncate operation 
while another process was querying the table?
If not, isn't this a bug?

Peter Schauss


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