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I would suggest Hotsos, which is Cary Milsap's company.  I have been a
DBA for 18 years and learned so much from that class. <> 



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I recommend Oracle Tuning Classes from Perftuning Corp ( <> ).

they offer great classes.


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Bobak, Mark wrote: 

I've never taken a class from either, so, hopefully I'm not too

I don't think you can go wrong here.  I think both are very good.
Really, I'd just go with whichever one has the syllabus that interests
you more.


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I am thinking of enrolling in an Oracle tuning class and I have narrowed
down to the two options below. I took one Oracle DBA class from Oracle
and I was pretty disappointed since the instructor was pretty bad and it
was very clear that whatever real world Oracle DBA experience he had,
was quite dated. But the class served it purpose though, since Oracle
requires(devious in my mind) one instructor-led class before you can get
certified in 10g. I realize it is hit and miss if you take a class from
Oracle, so I am not considering their courses.

First Option:

Advanced Reactive Performance Management for Oracle taught by Craig

Second Option:

Hotsos's Optimizing Oracle SQL, Intensive <> 

Both classes deal with Oracle tuning and I realize that the curriculum
is not exactly the same, but I was wondering if any of you that took
these classes have any feedback on how good or bad they were. Any other
instructor-led  classes that you can recommend for performance tuning?. 



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