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I always check process id as well as sid and serial# while killing a session
from Oracle.
I will always query v$session before and after, and if the status of
v$session marked "killed", and then I will go ahead kill OS process to clean
this session. It always works on Solaris.

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If you kill the unix process associated with this session first, and then
the session it will go away.


Killing sessions in Oracle has always been weird.  Sometimes they go away
and sometimes not, depending on OS.  In Windows, use orakill to kill the
session - this always seems to work in windows.  And killing the unix
session then the Oracle session seems to work just fine in AIX.



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Hi ,


I saw many users on my database connected for more than 6 days without any


I killed 1 user and still the status in v$session is showing as killed.


but it it not getting removed from the v$session.


I am running <>  on solaris.


any idea? We already hit the bug ora-07442.


regards - chirag

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