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Actually, sudo is a tool that allows a user to 'su' to any other account
on the system, not just 'root', by only entering their own password.

Sudo is quite flexible in configuration and allows you to switch to any
user, assuming you've been authorized to do so via the /etc/sudoers

(See the '-u' flag to switch to a user other than root.)

Sorry, I'm not aware of any limitations of using sudo to switch to
'oracle' and then administering a database.


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Sudo is a tool that enable an user to perform tasks as root, not oracle.
If you need to grant an user to perform tasks as oracle (i.e. database
administration), then put that user into dba group.



> Hi all,
> The unix administrators at client site require to use unix sudo to log

> in as oracle software owner.
> They are currently at 9i and plan to migrate to 10g.
> Does anyone have some experience (good/bad) regarding administering 
> database 10g logging in as oracle owner using sudo?



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