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Isn't prompting for an answer the default?  I must be missing something.
Should be relatively easy to handle a question/answer "up front" if you
can wrap it in a shell script.  




RMAN> delete obsolete;


RMAN retention policy will be applied to the command

RMAN retention policy is set to redundancy 1

using channel ORA_DISK_1




Backup Set           3078673 24-MAR-10

  Backup Piece       3078723 24-MAR-10

Backup Set           3078674 24-MAR-10

  Backup Piece       3078724 24-MAR-10


Do you really want to delete the above objects (enter YES or NO)?





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Is it possible in RMAN 10g session to ask a question and get the user
I want to run the command:
Rman>delete obsolete;
Then have the user be asked a question like:
Do you want to delete the obsolete backupsets?
Have the user supply Yes or No and the script continue.
I see in 11g you can use substitution variables, but not 10g?


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