RE: Relating actual object size to Storage parameters

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Check the storage params on the tablespace.  Could be that the initial
extent for the tbs is 512k.  I think this would trump the table storage

Tom Mercadante
Oracle Certified Professional

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Subject: Relating actual object size to Storage parameters

I just spotted something puzzling. I was checking the sizing of some Oracle
8i tables, using TOAD's Schema Browser. There are tables and indexes which
have initial and next extent sizes of 409600 (400K), have only a single
extent, yet the "Size in bytes" is given as 524288 (512K). The db_block_size
is 8192 (8K), and 400K is a multiple of 8K, so why do the storage parameters
for these objects appear to have been ignored? Any ideas?

Paul Vincent
Database Administrator
University of Central England

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