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  • From: Mogens Nørgaard <mln@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 01:34:29 +0100

Respect, Jonathan. I'm behind you. Waaay behind you :-). I wish I could reach your level of English sometime. I don't think it'll ever happen.

Dear Don - please stop sending threatening emails to people who don't agree with you. You've done it before, and it's not right. You're not the only one who write stuff that people don't agree with, and if you can't stomach comments, harsh comments, very harsh comments, and extremely harsh comments, I'm not sure you should write opinionated stuff at all. Or at the very least stop making those kind of comments about others yourself. It's the Man or Mouse thing.

I, for one, like most of the humorous stuff you're writing, and don't agree with some of the non-humorous stuff you're writing. So what? If you came out blasting something I wrote about, say, RAC, RAID-F, or Swedes, do you think I should sue you? Could be damned entertaining, but that's about it :-).

I think I'll have another whisky now. I was just informed by a Danish customer that I have spelled it whiskey instead of whisky in my foreword of the OakTable Press Series. Oh well, at Tim Gorman's house I tasted a bunch of very good American whiskeys.


Jonathan Lewis wrote:


I have coped this email to the Oracle-L list.
You will note, however that I have not included
your original Subject Heading, nor the content.
Similarly, I did not copy your previous post
to the list, only the points that where relevant
to the rest of my note to the list.

You complained that your previous email was
private (despite being copied to 2 other people),
however the purpose of your email was to point
out that I had publicly made comments that could
be detrimental to DBAZine.

Since the original comments were made in Oracle-L, any retraction should clearly be in the same forum.

You complained that I chose to make my apology
where you would only find out about it second
hand. First: I wasn't apologising to you, I was offering
an apology to DBAZine.

    Second: you certainly appeared to be a subscriber
    to the list, so you cannot claim to have got this
    note second.

Members of the list:

    This note is copied to the list as a matter of
    record because Don's complaints were about
    material that appeared on this list; and the apology
    that it prompted was presented to this list.

    You may be tempted to respond to this note with
    opinions regarding moral behaviour.  Please do not
    do so (at least, not on my behalf) as I would not want
    Don to think that this note is intended to produce
    a quick bit of cheap rabble-rousing.

Thank you


Jonathan Lewis

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