RE: Reading UNDO and displaying it in v$session

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 06:57:57 +0200

Hello  Yong,
Thanks fot the link. It seems that oracle is not updating the information 
Of ROW_WAIT_OBJ_*#  consistently. 

Best  Regrads. Milen 

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Jonathan Lewis posted a message about this problem before having the same 

Yong Huang

> From: "kyle Hailey" <kylelf@xxxxxxxxx>
> don't seem to be as dependable as P1 and P2 for  IO events. Not sure 
> why. My guess is that sometimes when they are not filled out, then the 
> values are left over from previous usage (like a db file sequential 
> read from UNDO in your case) What are the value of P1 and P2 for your 
> direct path write temp waits ( ie your File and Block)?
> Best
> Kyle

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