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This must be RBO times, because 1=1 evaluates to TRUE and will be neglected
by CBO since it does not add anything new to CBO considerations (event

I hope I am not wrong, otherwise I loose faith in cbo intelligence.
That is bad because cbo is today's Oracle RDBMS engine.

Andre van Winssen

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  This is exactly the reason I adopted the practice some time ago.  I used
to take them out when pasting the query into a package, etc.  But, not so
much anymore.  With sufficient proof of performance degredation, I would
take them out at once.

Jon Knight

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>I guess what I'm looking for is --- is there a good, positive 
>reason to use an expression like 1=1?

I have a colleague who uses WHERE 1 = 1 all the time.
I asked him why some years ago.
It was because as he tuned or modified statements, 
he got tired of re-arranging the WHERE and AND clauses all the time.
By starting off with WHERE 1 = 1, all the clauses that he would be
re-arranging started with AND, so it saves him some bother.

Best reason I've heard so far.



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