Re: RE: (NEW) very interesting thing about migrate db from different OS(oracle,not 10G)

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hi,Lex de Haan


thanks for  your  reply.

i  had  read  oracle 10i  beta document   on  May-2003  ,when  i  saw  the  
feature i am  very  intersting ,but at  that time  i  do not  test it   
beacause  there  is only  version  for  HP unix,Sun soalris and  linux   ,and i 
 have  not  these platforms.

 today,i want  to know why  and  how.

Best regards

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a dba from alibaba(china)

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>if you look at the various releases of Oracle, up til the current one (10g),
>you can see that Oracle has been working on this -- for a perfect example,
>check out the transportable tablespace feature. initially very limited, but
>now (in 10g) quite useful.
>therefore, it is obvious that certain "tricks" work in certain releases.
>this having said, what you describe below in highly unsupported -- which
>means that you are completely on your own (i.e. no support) if things go
>hope this helps, kind regards,
>Tom Kyte Seminar:
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>OS(oracle,not 10G)
>we  find a  very  interesting thing:
>we  copy the  WINDOWS2000  datafile  to linux (they  have  the  same  byte
>and , dd a  linux  datafile header to  cover the  windows datafile
>header(the  header  block  is not  include in  dba_data_files),the  block
>is  not  seem in  database ,it  is  for  OS. ls -l  can  see  ,the  datafile
>size  is  bigger than  dba_data_files for  one  oracle  block.
>when  we  change  the  OS  file  header,we  can  create  controlfile and
>open  the  database ,and  we  can  query /create table ... etc.
>the  db  version  is  oracle9204,not  10g.  and  someone  told  me that  he
>can copy  the datafile from windows and solaris for  x86 pc   to  linux ,
>and  not  change  the  header  with  oracle8i.
>is  there someone  can  discuss it?
>Best regards
>msn: biti_rainy@xxxxxxxxxxx
>a dba from alibaba(china)



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