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I can comment on the T2-based systems- they have limited floating point
capabilities compared to the rest of the multi-core part of the T2
chips, so anything requiring heavy floating point cpu would be not
nearly as fast as the rest of the cpu capabilities.  This was most
evident when doing compressed RMAN backups, where CPU usage would be far
higher (and performance far slower) than expected.  Turning off
compression helped a great deal.


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Greetings All,

We are planning to replace our production three node clustered servers
(two Sun-Fire-480 & one Sun-Fire-V490) hosting 30+ databases. After an
evaluation we found that T2 processor servers (e.g. T5240) wouldn't be a
good choice for such environment. So we are planning to replace our
3-node clustered environment with 2-node M4000 servers.

I haven't heard any issues with M4000 server but would like to check
with you in case if there is one.


Ashoke Mandal

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