RE: Purge RMAN backups from old repository

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Connect to the Rman repository via sqlplus as your Rman user.  You do
*not* have to have your old 9i database up and running.

Run the following script to remove (unregister) the database within the
Rman Catalog:

To remove a database from an Rman catalog, you must use a stored package
provided by Oracle.

L_dbkey number;
L_dbid  number;

  select db_key,dbid
   into l_dbkey,l_dbid;
  from rc_database
  where name = 'dbname';



Good Luck!


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Is there a way to delete the RMAN backup from old RMAN repository. I
upgraded a database from 9i to 10g and switched to 10g repository for
RMAN backup.  I want to delete the older backup from 9i repository. I
still have the saved copies of 9i version controlfiles.


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