Re: Oracle/JAVA Connections

  • From: Giovanni Cuccu <giovanni.cuccu@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lkemnitz@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 18:02:53 +0200

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> All -
> 1.  When we try the dedicated connections (no pooling), the app starts
> up and the first user logs in fine.  They retrieve and all is fine.  The
> same person logs in again in new and 2nd browser, the connection is made
> just fine.  But when we logout, just the last connection shows as being
> disconnected fro Oracle.  The other connection is left as orphan.  The
> orig browser can no longer function and needs to be closed.  What are we
> missing?  Do we need to name each connection uniquely and call the close
> for each one as they close?  I thought Java would attach one connection
> to each session and close it when requested.

When you use a dedicated connection it just means (at least to me)
that you have a single private connection for each 'user'. In this
case user can be a (servlet) session on the server.
It's up to you to save and restore the connection in the user session
when needed and to close when the user logs out.
> 2.  When we use connection pooling, the pool is defined as Dynamic and
> using the OracleImpl.  We connect outside the pool first to be sure of
> good login.  Once we have good login we move the connection to the pool
> and getConnection.  This disconnects the orig connection and is added to
> the pool.  This works great.  Now we try to login incorrectly the first
> time.  This works and prompts you telling us to 'Login with Correct
> Username/password'.  But if we give it a correct set of
> username/password then it returns database error.  It seems as though it
> keeps the error in memory for that userid.  We can go out and whack the
> Work files for Tomcat and force it to re-compile and then it works great
> the first time.  We change the struts-config to not cache but it still
> did it.  We then tried to check with the Tomcat Admin to see if he knew
> of a caching parm for Tomcat.  He said 'Not that he knew of.'  Is there
> a parm for Tomcat to force re-compile each time?  Are we missing
> something else?  Any help would be appreciated.

Can you post some sample code that lease/release the db connection in
order to have a better idea of what is happening inside tomcat?

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