RE: Oracle products on vmware

  • From: Amar Kumar Padhi <amar.padhi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <Amir.Hameed@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 08:17:52 +0400 (GST)

Few years back, my ex-co tried moving to vmware with proper understanding with 
oracle - issues on vmware should be simulated on non-virtual environment to get 
support from oracle. This was ok as we thought that It will be clean. But then, 
we actually hit a bug on older version that we could not simulate on 
standalone, and then comes the ownership problem where vmware says it is not 
ours and oracle says it is not oracle fault either. This was a minor issue but 
it made us realize that this may not be the right time to go for hardware 
consolidation for databases. Sorry don't have details on the problem we had 
that time. We then moved all middletier and other DBs to vmware. Then oracle 
bought in their own VM with complete support. Vmware also came out with ESX 
that was much better than previous releases and we hardly found any issues in 
test environment, yes except the performance factor that required ongoing 

And then there was also the argument of making use of Virtualization on 
production specially as the co was investing in blade servers that itself 
provided the division of environment and consolidation and optimal utilization 
of hardware (this was the main motive).  So do we really needed one big black 
box with Visualized OS or we are ok with lot of blade servers replacing the 
huge boxes in data center. And then the move to Linux started where we got rid 
of other environments to standardize on Linux that further fumed the debate. 
DBAs also argued the advantage of running two DBs on two different virtual os 
on the same box, as compared to having the two DBs in different oracle homes on 
the same os and box. Yes lot of confrontation was put on the VM team, this was 
good for clarifying the facts. I moved out before I could contribute more on 
this debate. 
The final conclusion was both vmware and oracle VM did a good job at 
Virtualization, it is matter of standard to choose one. The most critical 
question here is do you really need Virtualization in production and what 
benefit will it give? The marketing guys will give you figures such as save 
upto 70% in data center with Virtualization and as per survey 60% of all your 
hardware is underutilized, but this may or may not be applicable for you.  
Don't go by the hype, go figure it out for your co. And there is no guarantee 
about future, as oracle may still have hanging threads for supporting vmware 
especially when its own product is also competing. 

At present, I know few co who are hosting production sites on Virtual 
environment with no major problems. There are many others who have bought in 
Virtualization for test servers only while production continue to run in 
standalones. I personally use and recommend visualized testing environment as 
it saves lot of time and effort, I don't have the same opinion for production 
at this time though. 

Sorry if I confused you further. Let the list know what stand  your co took in 
this regard. 

Pushed fro E71 

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Subject: Oracle products on vmware
From: "Hameed, Amir" <Amir.Hameed@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13-05-2009 20:14

Hi folks,
Based on Oracle's ML note 249212.1, it seems that Oracle does not
officially certify any of its product for VMWARE, but it does certify
its products for the Oracle VM (464754.1). Having stated that, I am
interested to know if folks in this DL are running mission critical
Oracle software on vmware, particularly Oracle e-Business and fusion
middle-ware SOA suites, and what is their take on Oracle's support




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