RE: Oracle Restart registration problem with dbca relase

  • From: D'Hooge Freek <Freek.DHooge@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 23:18:40 +0100

I have had also problems with registering the database with Oracle restart, but 
in my case it also did not work manually and I already had a registered db in 
the configuration.

I had a user grid which owned the grid infrastructure, a user ora1 which owned 
the db software and a user ora2, who owned a second oracle home. The 
registration of the db owned by ora1 succeeded, but not the db owned by ora2. I 
had to clear the grid infrastructure config and register the databases again to 
get it to work.

Later on I installed a third db on this server using user ora3, and again I had 
to clear the config before I could register the databases.
A case has been opened with Oracle, but nothing has been found.

To reconfigure the grid infrastructure (for a standalone sever) you need to run 
the follwing as user root:

<GRID_HOME>/perl/bin/perl -I<GRID_HOME>/perl/lib -I<GRID_HOME>/crs/install 
<GRID_HOME>/crs/install/ -deconfig

<GRID_HOME>/perl/bin/perl -I<GRID_HOME>/perl/lib -I<GRID_HOME>/crs/install 

After doing this you need to register the resources again using srvctl.

Also note that if you are using role separation, the privileges on several 
directories and files are missing the write privilege for group.

$ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory + the init<instancname>.ora file
--> This will cause a failure to start the db using srvctl when a value is 
given for the spfile option in the GI db configuration and there is no 
init<instance_name>.ora file in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory or this file 
does not contain the spfile parameter

$ORACLE_HOME/srvm/admin/ directory
srvctl is trying to create a backup file of the /etc/oratab file in this 
The /etc/oratab file itself is then updated to have the comment "# line added 
by Agent" next to the database line

$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory and the 
$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora file
When you start a listener (created with srvctl) under the Oracle Home (not 
recommended, but possible), the following line is added to the 
$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora file:
and a backup of this file is created in the same directory.

These are being tracked in bug 11063852


Freek D'Hooge
Oracle Database Administrator
email: freek.dhooge@xxxxxxxxx
tel +32(0)3 451 23 82

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Subject: Oracle Restart registration problem with dbca relase

Database version: Oracle Enterprise Edition
OS: RHL 5.3

I have been going down the job role separation route and installed the
Grid Infrastructure under a user called oragrid and set that up to run
the ohasd.
Then I installed the database software under the user Oracle.

When I ran the dbca command to create the database, this cropped up:

 Exception while registering with HAS PRCR-1006 : Failed to add
resource ora.s2cnmat.db for null
 PRCR-1071 : Failed to register or update resource ora.s2cnmat.db
 CRS-0259: Owner of the resource does not belong to the group.

I tried again, putting the oracle account in the asmadmin group but it
did not help.
The oragrid account is also in the oinstall account.

The database works OK and I have yet to try and manually register it
with "Oracle Restart", but I cannot figure out what I am supposed to
do to avoid the error during dbca.
Any ideas?




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