RE: Oracle Rac and IBM P-series machines

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That was my question.  What do I need to make it work, or, can it work?

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Just curious, when you have two nodes a mile apart, what kind of network
connectivity do you have?  Particularly for the interconnect?

Never really seriously looked into it...just curious.....


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You didn't tell me the version. So I will be a generalist here.

> Is it true I would need to use RAW devices because of RAC?  "Normal" 
> file systems would not work for RAC.

Yep. Another option is to use ASM (in 10g)

> And can the machines be geographically apart from each other (like 
> within a mile)?
> Last I heard the physical distance was a problem, but things change 
> fast around here.

Within a mile is possible. I know few people who are using that.

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