Re: Oracle Application Server future direction

  • From: kathy duret <katpopins21@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:41:36 -0800 (PST)

Weblogic is the core of the 11G (10.3.1) Fusion Middleware going forward.
Basicially this is laid down on all your tiers (IDM, OID, SSO/OAM and possiblly 
If you are playing to deploy Portal/Forms/Reports and or Discoverer before 
going to WebCenter (this is what you SHOULD be doing) then you will be 
deploying parts of the AS
Portal requires 10G SSO installed which means you will have OC4J on this 
Basically you install Weblogic and then install your components and hook into 
the WLS administration console.
It is a pretty cool console and has some nice features.  But being on the first 
release it has it's shared of bugs and issues that I am working through now.
If I were the king of the forest I would wait for version 2 and also go to 
Webcenter and not try to drag Portal/Forms/Reports along.  Leave the technology 
behind if you can.
I was not able to.  Most of my issues installing are around 64 bit, Portal, 
customizations and HA.  Of which:
 64 bit is always a few missed library links, 
Portal issues are mostly because WLS support doesn't know Portal and vice versa 
although Support is quickly ramping up to speed   Expecially the folks out in 
Colorado Springs!  They helped me through alot of issues!!!!  They are great.
Customizations - enough said
HA - just complicated.  docs were actually good just some missing configs that 
were not included in the main doc and could be found in some side docs.
That's all for now folks.

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> Subject: Oracle Application Server future direction
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> I am not seeing anything clear when I
> google. I think the "fusion middleware" is based
> on the BEA Web Server that they bought. Is oracle going to
> use 2 application servers or are they going to phase out the
> old oracle application server? 



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