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  • Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 11:43:31 -0500

OK, so in the process of the outsourcing at my current gig, they've 
decided to move us from the company offices to the local offices of the 
contracting company i work for.  not a problem, right?  NOT.

we use ONAMES to connect to all the databases.  so no tnsnames.ora file. 
 now if i understand correctly ONAMES works kind of like a DNS for the 
databases.  that is a request will be made to the ONAMES server for the 
address where the SID you're connecting to is located and it will return 
that information which is used to make another request for the actual 
connection to the database.  is my understanding correct?  does it 
return the information on the same port the request is made on?

i'm thinking there a major firewall issues in play here, but i keep 
being told it's Oracle's fault.


Bill " Shrek" Thater

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