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  • From: Tim Gorman <tim.evdbt@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 11:47:59 -0500


Just curious if anyone has any insight on this...

Do any of the Oracle Managed Cloud Services provide access to managed databases, hopefully within Oracle Public Cloud, using mechanisms such as DataGuard standbys, Golden Gate Replication, or even disk copies of RMAN backupsets?

Thanks for any or all experiences.


On 4/29/19 10:56, Tim Gorman wrote:


Thanks for the forward and the link.

My customer said Oracle Managed Cloud Services <>, but no further granularity is hinted in that link.  Can you provide a link describing the various "exact ones", so my customer and I can use the same terminology with you?

What we're seeking is access to our customer's OMCS database for masking and virtualization for downstream SDLC.  Understanding that Oracle Managed Cloud Services will not permit external access directly, we are seeking a way to access these databases in IaaS Oracle Public Cloud using either DataGuard standbys, Golden Gate replication, or (in the worst case) RMAN backupsets.

Please let me know what you think?



On 4/29/19 11:04, Jeff Smith wrote:
We have a lot of Clouds around here, so when you say OMCS, which exact one are 
you referring to?

I send your note over to our new DG PM, his response:

"this might help: Or isn’t that what Tim is asking for (not sure what he means with OMCS). But we do support on-premises to OCI hybrid Data Guard."

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Does anyone know if Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS) permits the 
configuration of a DataGuard physical standby from the managed database as 
primary to a physical standby database in Oracle Public Cloud?

Or perhaps Golden Gate replication to a customer-managed database in the Public 

Otherwise, does anyone know if OMCS will at least place database backups from 
the managed database into customer-managed locations in Oracle Public Cloud?

Thanks so much in advance!

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