RE: .NET Stored Procedures in Oracle database

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Fyi, this is related to the fact that SQL Server 2005 now offers CLR.
CLR is the Common Runtime Language "engine" that let you have managed
code running, built on .NET languages, within the SQL Server engine.
Since MS now provides it, Oracle also has to. 

M$ has been touting this features, so this is Oracle's reply.


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>Had you read this?
>Is  this better than using java?
>Any experience?

Notice that:
- The stored procedures don't run *in* the database.
- It's a simple external call... as we used to do with C shared
- This is a Windows only feature.

Basically it makes only sense if you already have some kind of library
that you *absolutely* want to call from the database. The same thing
applies to Java in the database. Therefore, IMHO, one is not better than
the other.



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