Re: Monitoring Hosts in Cloud Control 12C

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I have the same as Pete mentioned and for the latter, same goes for a cluster 
db and Exadata-  It is looking for the Diagnostic Pack.
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Licensing is always fun to try and understand, so I tend to steer clear of it 
as much as possible - it's all free to me.  :)

Answers to your specific questions here though:

For the host target, status history page, management packs for this page shows 
WLS Management Pack EE.
For a database target, status history page, management packs for this page 
shows Database Diagnostics Pack.


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Thanks, for the help.  I know how difficult it can be when you don't have a 
system handy.

FYI, there is no host management pack.  Also in previous releases you did not 
have to have either  the database diagnostics nor the  tuning pack to see the 
time-period host performance graphs nor  to schedule host blackouts.

However, your idea about listing the management pack for a page  a very food 
one.  Would someone do the following in a 12C environment

targets ---> hosts ---> <choose a database host> ---> host ---> monitoring  
---> status history

While that page displays   go to

setup ----> management packs -----> packs for this page

and tell me  what it says.  Especially if it says no packs are necessary or 
words to that effect.

Also if someone could do the same, but for a database target.   I can do the 
latter, but it tells me the Diagnostics pack is needed.  I thought status was 
part of the basic  EM/GC  package.   Do you see the same or a message to the 
effect that no database packs are needed  

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Host CPU historical data and essentially the capabilities of the "host 
management pack" was something that was included with DB Diagnostics pack for 
the host that the DB lived on.



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