Micro Focus Server Express 4 and Oracle

  • From: "Thomas Biju" <BThomas@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 11:51:40 -0600


Happy New Year!

Have a question on the certification and deployment of Cobol Compiler and O=
racle 10g. We have an in-house supported application which is
heavily batch oriented currently using an older version of MF Cobol with Or=
acle 8.1.7.  We are planning on upgrading this database to Oracle
10g this year and also for reasons specific to the application (2GB file si=
ze limit, etc) needing to upgrade the Cobol Compiler also. Since
we are upgrading the COBOL compiler, were wanting to go to the highest cert=
ified version with the database.

1. Is anyone using Micro Focus Server Express 4 with Oracle database? What =
version of Oracle?
2. What version of Server Express COBOL compilers are you using with Oracle=
 10g database (if any)?
3. What issues, tweaks need to be aware of when upgrading the database to O=
racle 10g, specific to pre-compilers.
I opened a TAR and did not get a satisfactory reply. The reply was Server E=
xpress 2.2 is certified against Oracle 10.1.0, so any direct
upgrade would by certifiable. Also see NOTE.43208.1=20

Thank you for your time...

Biju Thomas
Database Administrator


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