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I blame it on Java objects.  In many cases, Java programmers literally do
not know how to modify their SQL code that is generated from their java code

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> Greg,
>        Yes things are that bad out here in the field, and management is
> totally blind to what is going on.  Why, because the duhveloper makes
> the application work as expected by management no matter how much work
> and resources he burns in the background, especially when his/her
> manager doesn't have to pay for those resources.  In the case I'm
> working on the view definitions that the duhvelopers came up with are so
> hideous that they perform badly at best individually, even worse when
> combined to the point where having locally replicated versions of the
> data, even un-indexed, performs much better. Now that fact has been the
> cause of other problems with standby databases that have poor
> communication to our datacenter, but does that force a fix to the
> underlying problem?  NO because someone else pays for bandwidth
> improvements or better yet then simply push the problem back on the DBA
> group which then ties up an entire person for a week repairing a standby
> db.  Now I'm trying to get the underlying problems fixed & I get one
> manager complaining to my manager that I'm poking my nose in where it
> does not belong.  Bother, what a pain in the backside.
> Dick Goulet
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> PAREXEL International
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> Apologies in advance for the slight diversion from the OP, but I can't
> help but read this thread (and others of similar context) and think to
> myself: "IT is so broken in so many companies".  Management really
> needs to make "duhvelopers" fix their broken code.  Period.  It's no
> wonder that DBAs feel over burdened and don't have time to investigate
> new technologies/features/etc. -- their time is consumed with stop gap
> fixes day after day.
> Fixing things at the top of the stack is so much easier and so much
> more cost effective.  Time to get with the program.
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> Greg Rahn
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