RE: How to suppress special characters in query

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 13:23:11 -0800

You say "without using set define off". Why can't you use set define off? You 
could include set define off in the SQL*Plus login.sql or glogin.sql file.

Otherwise, try this:
select * from tab1 where col1 = 'A ' || chr (38) || ' B' ;
assuming the database has the ASCII character set - if you had a database with 
an EBCDIC character set I don't think this would work - or would it? 

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We have a query like following that includes the & symbol and since this
is a special character so Oracle prompts for the input. Is there any way
to suppress this special character in a query without using the set
define off option at sqlplus session?

Select * from tab1 where col1 like = 'A & B'




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