Re: How to refresh the complete database using the export dump?.

  • From: Robert Freeman <robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bunjibry@xxxxxxxxx, Dan Norris <dannorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 11:02:09 -0700 (PDT)

It's Sunday today, so perhaps the lesson today should
be one of humility. Are the words Humility and DBA
truly antonyms? I don't think so.....

Me thinks, perhaps. To refuse to post here is an act
that not only hurts yourself, but hurts the many other
people who read but don't post here. I also think it's
a rash over-reaction and borders on selfish. If this
were a community that was flame ridden, I'd
understand, but it's not. So, perhaps some humility is
in order. 

If you look at your question, which was a pretty basic
question, it does somewhat imply that you had not read
the freely available documentation. Many of us here
(including myself) feel like that the first step to a
problem like this should be to at least crack the
documentation and try to figure out the problem for
yourself. Failing that, then you post here. 

That is a sign of respect for the community, and a
sign that you have made some effort to solve your
problem. Remember, we all work for a living here. Many
here are consultants who typically BILL for our time
to answer questions. Here you get it for free. That is
something that I think needs to be respected too. 

Perhaps there is a more gentle way to point out this
fact, but to be honest when you are heads down doing
lots of real work AND replay to online posts,
sometimes tact will end up being a victim. It's
nothing personal, it's just the way things are.

I think if you had posted something that said, "I have
a database at work that is down and I need to get an
import loaded... I'm a new DBA and I don't know how to
do this and I need help fast, please!" then your
answers would have been fast, furious and forthcoming
because you were clearly in trouble. There are many
here that have a heart and would empathize with your
plight. In that case, I doubt the words "RTFM" would
have ever be spoken. They might, after the fix was
done, but I don't think during any crisis. 

This is a close community, with a number of people
that *care*...and that I call friends and have for a
long time. They also realize that it is better to
teach one to fish than to fish for them if at all
possible. This is also a community, as Dan pointed
out, that is based on written communication which is
notoriously bad when it comes to interpretation of
emotion and content. 

Also, as with any community, there may be those who
are less patient than others (I'm not saying this was
the case here at all) as we are all human beings here.
We all have good days, bad days and days in between.
To judge a community based on one or two experiences
is, again, a great disservice.

So, I think my point is this: many of us here love
what we do. Many of us here love to help. It's a grave
mistake to stop being a part of this community because
of a little squabble.


Robert G. Freeman
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