Re: How to get the file transfer working between virtual box oracle developer vm and mac(host)

  • From: Mladen Gogala <gogala.mladen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Neil Chandler <neil_chandler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2019 15:09:18 -0400

On 8/4/19 2:51 PM, Neil Chandler wrote:

The VirtualBox Extensions are not free except for personal and learning use.
In this case, it was a personal an teaching use.
If you install them commercially (I.e. on a corporate laptop) you*may*  have 
just committed your company into buying a minimum 100 extension licenses.
Personally, I hate mixing business use and private use. I don't have anything private installed on my company laptop and I don't use my personal equipment (tablet, laptop and 2 desktops)  for anything related to the company that I work, not even such a benign thing as reading mail. First of all, such mix of business and private use increases stress. It makes it impossible to escape from official emails, even during the weekend.

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