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Sometimes, a "good" index causes exceptionally bad performance.  We have a 
situation where if I add, what I "think" is, a good index on paper, the 
execution plan changes in such a way as to make subsequent queries perform 
horribly.  The physical I/O looks good, the cost looks good, but the logical 
I/O goes berserk.

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  I am looking at a table in our system and it has 12 indexes, we are planning 
on adding another one. I am aware of the effects of having too many indexes, 
but in this case adding an extra index helps a certain query that runs slow. 
Other queries and most other operations against the table are acceptable too. I 
see a few tables like this; is there a number above which is considered a no-no 
when it comes to adding more indexes.

PS. The tables and queries are structured in a way that seem to require several 
indexes - it is a third party product.


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