RE: Hot backup directly on tape?

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 08:01:36 +1000

Hi Allessandro
There is nothing wrong with backing up directly to tape like you are
doing as long as you understand your tape management and can recover all
the datafiles for a tablespace when you need them I am guessing your
backup script does something like
Login to the database
Checkpoint the database
Take the tablespace offline and place it into backup mode
Then backup each datafile to tape (standard VMS tools )
Take the tablespace out of backup mode and put the tablespace back on
Complete steps again for each tablespace.
If this is so then the procedure is generally sound but I would say you
really need to test your recovery abilities by restoring to a different
location or server to determine that you can restore, because when it
breaks and you cant restore then I hope your resume is up to date.

I would also be pressuring your management to spend some money on the
VMS server or alternatively planning your migration off to some other
platform. You need more space and you could always be using an NFS mount
to right your backups to albeit it may be slow depending on other
circumstances. Mind you I would rather have slow and recoverable over
fast and finding a new job because I cant restore my database.



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> Hi everybody,
> I wrote an SQL script to perform hot backup of db on a VMS platform.
> This is a well-known technique, but on system there isn't space
> neither expandable for backup on disk before putting it on tape, so I
> thought to backup each datafile directly to tape; is this correct or
> backup sets will be unusable?
> Apart from Legato, I've no previous practice of db backup directly to
> particularly on VMS; I believe that this platform is not much
> from Unix for this specific topic, but I could be wrong.
> Has anybody some suggestion and/or experience to tell about?
> Thanks for you help,
> Alessandro
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