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alter database rename global_name to <database.domain>

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Oracle version 8.1.7

We bought an appl from some other firm.
They had a procedure for making a back-up: copy all dbf files, throw away
ctl files etc etc.
This works, but the problem is, that on any db instance we have ( prod,
test, dev etc) we have the same name for global_name ( select global_name
from global_name). ( And that name is the name of the original inst from the
firm that made the original appl)
This give a nice problem: any db link we create gives a 'circular reference'
Because I'm a developer and there is no DBA in the house (no money; public
healthcare...), I do not know how to handle this.

We now back up by a job that does a hot-backup at night, but still the same
Is there any way to change this name?





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