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You really don't have to run 2 OMS's. One can deal with everything. I would
think that the problem is communication between the AIX OMS and the
repository DB.  Did you look into the AIX logs.  When I was on we
ran an OMS on WindowsNT, my PC.  We would get all kinds of errors on AIX
after I logged off for the day.  The repository DB was on AIX.

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The repository is always up (24x7). It lives on the same server (w2k) as
an OMS which is always up and has no problems. The error from the AIX
OMS is "ora-3113 end-of-file on communication channel". All patches have
been applied and  sqlnet tracing has been run to rule out those as
potential issues. At this point Oracle wants to open a bug on it.


Ruth Gramolini wrote:

> I am running an OMS on AIX 5.2 and a respository database.  I am
> running one on the Windows XP Professinal that houses the OEM console.  It
> runs from when I start it until I stop it.  You need to have the
> database running as long as you run the OMS. Is the repository database up
> and running? What, if any, error are you getting?
> Regards,
> Ruth
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> Does anyone have an Oracle Management Server running on an AIX box? We
> are running 1 on an AIX 5.1 box using Oracle EE The repository
> is on a W2K box also running The OMS starts up ok but after a
> few hours dies with an ora-3113. There is an OMS on the W2K box, too and
> that runs fine.
> I've had a tar open with oracle for a few months to no avail.
> Thanks.
> Joe
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