Re: Deleting from SYS tables

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 16:47:35 -0500

Thank you for all of the replies.  That line in the security manual does the

And yes, you are preaching to the choir on DBA rights.  Unfortunately, it's
politically a bit more complicated.

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 2:56 PM, Goulet, Richard <Richard.Goulet@xxxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

>  Jay,
>     Mucking with the tables owned by SYS is NOT something for the faint of
> heart, especially is your dealing with any of the K$ or X$ ones.  Those tend
> to be from the control file and messing with them can cause the demise of
> your database instance if not the entire database.  Those tables that you
> find in sql.bsq are a lot more forgiving, but you never know what they link
> to and what the ramifications of mucking with them are.  Lot easier to
> repair I'll admit, but not fun either.  MANY years ago I had an individual
> who convinced a junior dba to delete some data from the SYS tables used for
> snapshots (oracle 8i).  No problem, that worked for what he was having fun
> with.  But about a week later we had trouble when he tried to drop some
> snapshot log files.  Seems that the data he had had deleted was linked & the
> drop snapshot log command needed it.  Result, an ORA-00600 followed by a
> database crash.  Bother!!
> Dick Goulet
> Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Leader
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>  I had a user that deleted records from DBA_JOBS.  Unfortunately, the
> application gives the user DBA rights so this is beyond my control.  *I*
> know it is bad practice to directly mess with SYS tables, but is there any
> documentation from Oracle that spells this out?  Or do they assume that most
> apps aren't crazy enough to handout DBA rights?  In any case, I need to
> steer some users towards APIs (like DBMS_JOB) instead of using a sledge
> hammer.  I'd like a little documentation to back me up.
> Thank you,
> Jay

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