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Hi Dave,
I think you can smack the developer...;-)
Oracle will only ever join two row sources, using one join method, at a
time.  A row source consititutes of a table, index, or previously
existing data set from a previous join in a preceeding step of
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A developer had me review code today that performed a UNION ALL of 3
very similar 2-table joins.  I suggested a rewrite to perform the join
only once (one table is 42 million rows) and instead OR any non-key
filter values and use CASE/DECODE for any result set differences.  Their
response was "I always thought UNION and UNION ALL perform each UNION-ed
set in parallel".  In other words, their assumption was that if 3
queries were UNION ALL-ed together, Oracle would perform all 3 joins at
the same time.


My understanding has always been that Oracle will only perform one join
of 2 tables at one time, no more, regardless.  I proved for the example
above that this was the case (using V$SEGMENT_STATISTICS over time), but
now before I send an email to all our developers with a general
statement that Oracle will never perform more than one 2-table join at a
time, I thought I'd check with you all.  Does Oracle ever perform more
than one 2-table join at a time?  Should I smack our developers or
myself on this?








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