RE: Column width different in view

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One last thing: If indeed the "problem" database has a different character
set, then matching character sets in your client prior to that connection
should also work as a solution. That is not always convenient in a script
set though.


It is possible that the "problem" database being a different character set
is masking extra overhead all the time and if setting the client NLS parms
to match the database it will be connecting to is not too much trouble in
the context of your applications, that is generally a better solution. This
of course won't magically allow you to store multibyte character sets in
single bytes, but it will avoid the conversion overhead when you're really
only using ASCII anyway.




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Thanks everyone. Wow, I never would have guessed this one. Amazing resources
on this list.


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What is nls length semantics set to?  What is character set?



We have a situation where a view is created on a table. The underlying
column is defined as CHAR(18). We are doing this to a number of Oracle databases. On all of them the view creates just fine. But on one
database the column in the view is created as CHAR(54). Has anyone
encountered anything like this? 

Thank you,

Dennis Williams


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