Cloning a database with backup pieces in different location

  • From: "William Wagman" <wjwagman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "oracle-l" <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:12:00 -0700


We are running Oracle EE on RHEL4, 64-bit. I am using Data
Guard and doing daily RMAN backups on the primary and am not using a
catalog. I am attempting to duplicate the primary database to another
server on which, because of disk layouts the RMAN backup pieces are in a
different location than on the production server I am trying to

I have found instructions on how to do this. On the second box I start
up the database nomount, restore the control file from the backup pieces
on the second box, mount the database and use the catalog command to
indicate the new location of the RMAN backup pieces. That all works
fine. Then I run my script to restore and recover the database and I get
the following errors...

RMAN-03002: failure of configure command at 07/02/2008 17:03:44
RAMN-05021: this configuration cannot be changed for a BACKUP or STANDBY
control file

I don't know if there are additional steps necessary to clone the
primary database in a Data Guard configuration or if it is because I am
not using a catalog. I do realize there are certain things one cannot do
with a Data Guard configuration without a catalog and I don't know if
this is one of them. If that is not the case can anyone help me with the
additional steps I must take to get this to work. Here is the script I
am invoking from RMAN...

run {
configure auxname for datafile 1 to 
configure auxname for datafile 2 to 
configure auxname for datafile 11 to 
set newname for tempfile 1 to
restore database;
switch datafile all;
recover database;
alter database open resetlogs;

Suggestions graciously accepted. Thanks.

Bill Wagman
Univ. of California at Davis
IET Campus Data Center
(530) 754-6208


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