Re: Change the Hostname of a Server with Oracle

  • From: "Norman Dunbar" <norman.dunbar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <raphael.gmuer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 11:19:58 +0100

Hi Raphael,

>> On one of these servers we have to rename we have installed Oracle
with two database instances.
>> So I want to ask here if anybody have experiences in changing the
hostname of a server with Oracle >> installed?

We run a clustered net up of 4 nodes, each with a different hostname.
When something bad happens, each 'package' fails over to a different
node of the cluster and runs quite happily.

You can see that something has gone wrong by the fact that
V$INSTANCE.HOST_NAME is different 

I don't think you'll have problems with changing the host name at all.
(I've done it before on HPUX 10 and 11.00 and Oracle 8i with no

I do remember shutting down the databases and listeners etc before
changing the hostname though - just in case. It may not have been
necessary - but we didn't take chances and we were doing it at the
weekend anyway.

>> Is it possible that everything I have to modify are the files
listener.ora, tnsnames.ora and services.ora???

If the tnsnames specifies the host name then you will either have to
change it, or leave the old name in DNS. If you remove it from DNS then
you will not be able to connect, so change it to the new host name.
Ditto if you use Oracle Names.


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