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So put linux 64-bit for the database and 32-bit for everything else?
>>> "Karsten Weikop" <oraclel@xxxxxxxxxx> 11/24/04 1:22:52 PM >>>
Hi Jeffrey

No, you are not stucked to 32-bit RDBMS.

What you do is that you have your APPS home, incl. 8.0.6 oracle home.

Then as another UNIX user, e.g. applora, you install you oracle RDBMS
9.2.x. From your APPL_TOP, you just access your 9.2 RDBMS using
Just remember that you still must have your 8.0.6 for APPS, as this is
the only certified client version.

Karsten Weikop

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We are looking at migration our Oracle Apps 11i system from W2K to
linux.  The Oracle Apps on Linux is only 32-bit.  Does that mean that
would still be stuck with the 2G process limit as on W2K?

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