Re: 11g RedHat 5 and Hugepages

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 11:03:27 +0800

Completely in agreement.
Thanks, Kevin.
On Wed Oct
 13 22:56 , Kevin Closson  sent:

>Nothing wrong with this feedback because it includes information about how to 
it right (e.g., pooled connections). But therein lies my point. Take you 1GB SGA
and attach a couple hundred dedicated connection and you'll wish you'd have
either a) used huge pages or b) reduced your dedicated connection count. I 
>"Any system with large connection count is not going to be able to afford the
wasted page table memory."
>So, while this is a good follow up it isn't disagreeing at all with what I am 
>Oh, by the way, why on earth would anyone still be using a 32-bit OS? That is a
larger question.
>In summary, if you don't like the size of the page tables do something about 


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