Re: 10.2 database and 11gR2 RAC on RHEL5

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  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 15:02:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hi  Pranab

We have completed a similar configuration.  I have blogged about this.. at


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Subject: Re: 10.2 database and 11gR2 RAC on RHEL5


this can be a lot of fun ;-)

we currently have at least 2 SRs open with a similar config (11gR2 CRS with 
rdbms < 11gR2)
SR:3-1738237531 - How to best integrate a 10.2.0.x Database in 11.2 Grid 
just one excerpt:
=== ODM Action Plan ===
1) 11.1 database does not start because the fix is in CRS PSU which 
is not yet available. Note 756671.1 shows CRS PSU. Sorry for the 
confusion. The workaround is to start the database manually.

2) Using CRS_register is not recommended for ORA resources. Ora resources 
should be managed via srvctl. However, as the change you have made is to add 
the dependency on the dg resources this should not cause a problem, but I 
suggest you ensure you retain a backup of the OCR from before you made the 
change. I will check with development whether this is a viable workaround or 

and SR:3-1719673791 - unable to create services in CRS/OHAS for DBs < 11.2
There is an unpublished note that covers this situation (note 1092323.1).
ASM is started early in the stack as it is needed for OCR and voting disk when 
they are stored in ASM.
Hence, in 11.2 the dependency is on the diskgroup not the ASM instance.
However, this dependency is not available for pre 11.2 databases/instances.

A fix for this is planned for

The workaround is:
1) identify the disk groups used by the database.

2) disable the disk groups identify by (1) in 11.2 CRS
$CRS112_HOME/bin/srvctl disable diskgroup -g <disk group>

3) set disg_groups parameter in asm to start the diskgroups:
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus / as sysasm
SQL> alter system set asm_diskgroups='<diskgroup1>','<diskgroup2>' scope=spfile 

You might find similar problems. Take a lot of time to test and implement 


Am 27.05.2010 um 21:43 schrieb Pranab Bairagi:

> Hi List,
> We are in a process of moving our current databases which are on 10g 
> RAC and RHEL 4 to brand new RHEL5 boxes.
> We are going to upgrade our CRS also to 11gR2. The databases still going to 
> be 10gR2 for the time being. We have 3 par storage in the new boxes.
> We are using raw devices. It would be of great help if I could know the 
> potential caveats of this setup and how stable is this setup if anyone of you 
> has already installed one & running. Any help/comment/ideas are much 
> appreciated.
> Regards,
> Pranab
> DBA Manager
> Synechron Inc.
> 732.429.7366



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