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The meaning of iPod

Jun 10th 2004
From The Economist print edition

Consumer electronics: How Apple's iPod music-player and its imitators 
are changing the way music is consumed

WHAT is the meaning of iPod? When Apple, a computer-maker, launched 
its pocket-sized music-player in October 2001, there was no shortage 
of sceptical answers. Critics pointed to its high price-at $399, the 
iPod cost far more than rival music players-and to the difficulty 
Apple would have competing in the cut-throat consumer-electronics 
market. Worse, Apple launched the iPod in the depths of a technology 
slump. Internet discussion boards buzzed with jokes that its name 
stood for "idiots price our devices" or "I prefer old-fashioned 

Such criticisms were quickly proven wrong. The iPod is now the most 
popular and fashionable digital music-player on the market, which 
Apple leads (see chart). Apple has been unable to meet demand for the 
latest model, the iPod mini. On the streets and underground trains of 
New York, San Francisco and London, iPod users (identifiable by the 
device's characteristic white headphone leads) are ubiquitous. 
Fashion houses make iPod cases; pop stars wear iPods in their videos. 
The iPod is a hit.



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